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Kthehuni në listën e plotë të lajmeve

TAP makes excellent political progress in Italy & Albania

03 shkurt 2010

TAP met with a number of Ministers and officials in both Italy and Albania in January. “These meetings have shown that the TAP project is moving forward in a positive direction. All the various Ministers and Ministries have expressed a great deal of interest in the TAP pipeline and demonstrated a real willingness to support the project going forward,” says Michael Hoffmann, External Relations Director at TAP.

TAP meets Italy’s Minister of Infrastructure & Transportation

TAP was, amongst a select audience given the opportunity to meet with Italy’s Minister of Infrastructure & Transportation, Mr Matteoli, who was the guest of honour at a dinner organized by CISAL [Confederazione Italiana Sindacati Autonomi Lavoratori].

At the event, TAP was able to brief the Minister on TAP’s progress and specifically its work in the region of Puglia in Italy, where throughout 2009, it has carried out extensive route refinement work and feasibility studies, and held over 60 meetings as part of the Environmental Social Impact Assessment process.

TAP’s Senior Country Advisor for Italy Antonio de Nigris said: “Our conversation was very positive and demonstrating a real interest in TAP’s progress and the good relationship enjoyed by TAP with the Ministry of Economic Development and both the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Environment.”

TAP briefs Director for Security of Supply & Infrastructure in Italy

TAP was invited to an impromptu meeting with the Director for Italy’s Security of Supply and Energy Infrastructure (SSEI) Directorate, on the 22nd of January 2010. TAP briefed the department on TAP’s preparatory work for the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment in the region of Puglia, carried out in late 2009, and TAP’s pending submission for RNG inclusion status which it plans to submit this month.

The RNG inclusion is an important project milestone in Italy and leads to the Single Authorization process.

Robert Klein, Managing Director at TAP said: “The great interest shown in TAP by the Italian authorities, is a very positive signal for TAP and confirms to us that the project is moving in the right direction.”

Albania underlines its support for the TAP project

TAP held a series of important meetings with the Albanian government shortly after the establishment of its branch offices in Albania. These included briefings with the Albanian Minister and Vice Minister of Environment, Forest and Water Administration (MoEFWA) and representatives from the Albanian Prime Minister’s office.

Christian Falck, Technical Director at TAP said: “During what I can only describe as very constructive talks, the Ministry complimented TAP on its route optimisation work carried out in Albania in 2009 and stated that TAP’s work could be used as an example of best practice for similar projects in Albania.”

In 2009, TAP carried out a route assessment survey in Albania in order to identify the most optimum route for the pipeline.