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TAP sponsors the “Excavated!” exhibition at the Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece

05 maj 2010

This month, TAP became a proud sponsor of the “Excavated! Swiss Archaeologists Explore the City of Eretria (Euboea)” exhibition in Greece, showing at the Archaeological Museum in Athens. The exhibition is a clear demonstration of the importance of the preservation of cultural heritage in society.

The Swiss School of Archaeology has a permanent base in Greece and has long contributed to the good relations between the two countries. Since 1964, the school has been exploring the remains of the ancient city of Eretria, situated on the island of Euboea of Greece. With the support of the Ministers of Culture of Switzerland and Greece, the school has put together an exhibition that presents archaeological and historical themes, retracing the past of the city of Eretria and of Central Euboea, from its origins to late antiquity.

The exhibition will take place at one of the most prestigious places in Greece, the National Museum. The aim of the exhibition is to show a vivid and original reflection of an ancient Greek city, using artefacts uncovered in excavations, reconstructions, models and videos. Besides the exhibition, an illustrated catalogue about the results of archaeological excavations conducted in Eretria will be published in German, French and Greek languages, intended for a wider audience.

The exhibition will take place first in Athens, at the National Archaeological Museum, from April to August 2010, and then from September 19, 2010 to January 30, 2011, it will be presented at the Basel Museum of Ancient Art and Ludwig Collection in Basel, Switzerland.

Martin Ferguson (HSE Director) noted”  TAP believes that sponsoring this event gives it an excellent opportunity to contribute to the promotion of cultural heritage of the region with undoubtedly one of the oldest and richest civilizations.”

For more information, please go to:
National Archaeological Museum of Athens, Greece:
Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece: