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Kthehuni në listën e plotë të lajmeve

National stakeholders endorse TAP’s refined pipeline route in Albania

18 qershor 2010

Last week seven key ministries validated the results of TAP’s route refinement process in Albania and endorsed the proposed new pipeline route. The route refinement process started in June 2009 to avoid impacts on the Hotova National Park and identify the route corridor with the least impacts on the environment, livelihoods and cultural heritage sites. 43 national and international experts had spent up to three months in the field to evaluate six alternatives with an overall length of more than 600 km.

The new routing avoids all protected areas and cultural heritage sites, has less impacts on forests and livelihoods and is even shorter and easier to construct than the route identified during TAP’s feasibility and basic engineering phase.

Albania’s Ministers, high level officials and technicians congratulated TAP for its comprehensive approach and its commitment to address all concerns voiced by the Albanian government. They echoed the conclusion voiced by the Albanian Minister of Environment, who praised TAP as the most sustainable project in Albania and benchmark for future investments. All seven ministries (Energy, Environment, Agriculture, Defence, Public Works, Culture & Justice) offered their unlimited support to TAP and endorsed the new route corridor as base case for the application and permitting process.

Following these meetings, TAP has invited around 400 local stakeholders and 60 NGOs to participate in seven regional workshops this year to further validate the findings and start the scoping phase of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment. “We look forward to reunite with our friends from the villages and towns to discuss the further enhancement of the pipeline routing and continue or open dialog with our future neighbours, administration and society at large” said Dr. Kai Schmidt-Soltau, TAP’s ESIA Manager leading the route refinement process.