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Kthehuni në listën e plotë të lajmeve

Routing optimization: concluded in Albania, ongoing in Italy and Greece

28 shtator 2010

TAP continues to build relations with local communities as part of its commitment to stakeholder engagement.

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline finalised its routing corridor in Albania this summer, in preparation for its forthcoming Environmental Social Impact Assessment. In order to avoid crossing the Hotova National Park and other protected areas, TAP’s management has proposed moving the pipeline to a more northern route. This will allow to avoid any interference with restricted military areas and culturally significant heritage sites, and will have less impact on the environment and people's livelihood. Helpfully, the new route will also be around 30km shorter.

TAP's  findings and its routing proposal in Albania have been confirmed in technical workshops with

  • The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy
  • The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Water Administration
  • The Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Telecommunication
  • The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection
  • The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports
  • The Ministry of Defense
  • The Ministry of Justice: Central Immovable Property Registration Office
  • The Regional administration as well as elected community leaders in Korçe, Permet, Gjirokaster, Çorovoda, Berat, Vlore and Fier
  • Local, national and international environmental, social and cultural NGOs

Different Government departments and more than 300 individual stakeholders endorsed TAP’s amended route, offering their full support for the ongoing planning phases. In particular, participants emphasised the value they found in these discussions and  appreciated the opportunity to express their views with TAP’s management. TAP will continue to work closely with them during the projects next stages and throughout the whole lifespan of the project.Dr. Kai Schmidt Soltau, leading the route refinement process, commented: “Spread over three weeks, these meetings in Albania have provided an invaluable dialogue between TAP, the Albanian authorities and the public. This is a clear example of  TAP’s commitment to engage actively with all stakeholders, establishing a solid foundation for the Environmental Social Impact Assessment.” Routing optimization continues in Greece and Italy.