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TAP on selection of the second export route option to Europe by Shah Deniz

28 qershor 2012

Kjeitl Tungland, Managing Director of Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP):

"I am pleased to see that the Shah Deniz consortium’s decision-making process has taken another important step forward with the choice of a potential central European route. This now clears the way for the ultimate decision between TAP and Nabucco West.
TAP remains the most advanced of the two projects, especially in terms of financing and permitting. We believe that its clear economic, commercial, technical and strategic advantages make TAP the strongest contender in this competition and the best option for both Europe and Azerbaijan.
We look forward to continuing our excellent and transparent cooperation with the Shah Deniz consortium over the coming months."

Official statement from BP:
Shah Deniz Selects a Second Export Route Option to Europe