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TAP hires Senior Regional Stakeholder Advisor for Italy – Professor Ernesto Somma

18 dhjetor 2012

TAP has hired Professor Ernesto Somma as Senior Regional Stakeholder Advisor to work in Puglia for the TAP project to work closely with the Local Authorities in the region of Puglia and focus on strengthening the awareness and understanding of the TAP project.

Professor Somma, holds a PhD and in Economics and brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise and understanding of working for and with local and regional government in the Puglia region. 
Achieving a successful track record in academia, - working as a researcher and in advisory roles for the University of Bari and other international universities in the UK and US - Professor Somma has also worked extensively for the Puglia Region as an Expert and Advisor on many/a multitude of Projects and Committees. 

These roles include for example, being a member of and acting as an advisor and expert to the Evaluation Committee for Public Investment Programmes and projects, and evaluating the reform and regulation concerning State Aids for the Inter-institutional Committee for regions and provinces. Most recent roles have included Coordinator on the PORE project (Programme for the opportunities of the regions in EU under the Presidency of the Italian Councils of Ministries) and Coordinator of the Technical Secretariat of the Ministry for the relations with the regions and cohesion policies, where Professor Somma was in charge of the preparation of the National Plan for the Development of Southern Italy.

During his career, Professor Somma has also worked as a Director of the Joint Technical Secretariat for the implementation of the INTERREG III-A Italia-Albania Programme, been a Member of the Board of Directors for the Agency for the Diffusion of Innovation Technologies and for Ansaldo Breda – Finmeccanica Group.  In addition, Professor Somma is the President of the Management Board for Studiare Sviluppo, the in-house company of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, established to support the implementation of national and EU funded socio and economic development programmes.

In parallel, Professor Somma, continues to pursue his academic career, lecturing in Industrial Economics at the University of Bari, where he also acts as the Coordinator of the Doctoral School in Business, Economic and Statistical Studies. 

Giampaolo Russo, TAP's Country Manager for Italy, said: “I would like to welcome Professor Somma to TAP and look forward to working closely with him. I am delighted that we will be able to draw on Professor Somma’s considerable knowledge gained from working over many years for and with the region of Puglia.  I am sure his expertise and experience will help to bring TAP and local authorities closer together as the TAP project moves forward in its development.  I would like to thank Antonio De Nigris for his contribution to the TAP project and wish him well in his future endeavors. TAP offers Italy the only chance to become part of the Southern Gas Corridor. ”

TAP section in Italy

TAP’s Italian section will consist of a 45 km offshore pipeline and 5 km onshore underground pipeline stretching to a Pipeline Receiving Terminal (PRT) in the province of Lecce, near San Foca. At the PRT, TAP will tie-in with the Italian gas network, operated by Snam Rete Gas.

The current route of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline, with a landfall in the province of Lecce, has been identified after three years of intensive field work in Italy. A group of experienced Italian and international environmental, social and technical experts and engineering companies have analysed numerous alternatives and selected this route which avoids crossing environmentally sensitive areas and which minimises potential negative social or economic impacts.

About TAP

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) is a natural gas pipeline project. The pipeline will transport gas from the Caspian region via Greece and Albania and across the Adriatic Sea to southern Italy and further into Western Europe. The project is aimed at enhancing security of supply as well as diversification of gas supplies for the European markets. TAP will open a new so-called Southern Gas Corridor to Europe and establish a new market outlet for natural gas from the Caspian Sea.

The project is designed to expand transportation capacity from 10 to 20 bcm per year. TAP also envisages physical reverse flow of up to 80 per cent and the option to develop natural gas storage facilities in Albania to further ensure security of supply during any operational interruption of gas deliveries.

TAP’s shareholders are Axpo of Switzerland (42.5%), Norway’s Statoil (42.5%) and E.ON Ruhrgas of Germany (15%).

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